Professional Development for Teachers (CPELL-1)


Consultants will provide CPELL’s partner districts with ongoing professional development symposia for their teachers.  These symposia will help extend the reach of the CPELL program, as they will be offered to large groups of teachers from each partner district.  While topics presented will vary based on each district’s needs, all will cover issues related to bilingual and English Language Learner (ELL) education such as sheltering and scaffolding instruction for ELLs, constructivist practice in classrooms with second language learners, creating quality programs for ELLs, cultural considerations in classrooms with ELLs, and creating quality two-way (TWI) immersion programs.  These symposia will take place during teacher inservice days, or at other times that are tailored to the schedules of each partner district.

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Training Materials

To see interactive symposia that were developed based upon individual district needs.

To see CPELL Scholar created teaching modules.