2018 Awards

Alyssa Ochwat

Emily Cook

Kristina Gerardy

Joshua Kupiec

Alyssa Ochwat

Lauren Pittman

Lewis Trotsky

Ryan Ullsmith

Bianca Zavala





Rionna Carabbia

Title: "Residential Segregation and Opportunity: The Impact of Residential Segregation on Black Unemployment in Chicago"

 Emily Cook

Title: "Finding Humanity Behind Bars: Feminist Prison Reformers in 1970s Chicago"

Anna Romando

Title: “Shackled at Birth: The Impacts and Unconstitutionality of Shackling Female Inmates Giving Birth Behind Bars”

Megan Verhey

Title: “Social Justice for Two Days”

Meghan Mahoney

John Specker

Sarah Anthony

Kristina M. Gerardy

Bridget Iaccino

Sandy Lu

Carlee J. Mayer

Avery E. Pankratz

Jessica Quinones

Lisa M. Rayan

Krista R. Smith

Sierra M. Warfe

Kyle P. Wright

Holly A. Zdroik