2020 CJC Graduates and Awards

Please join us in congratulating the students in the Loyola Class of 2020 receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

The following students earned the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  

Ana Abello***

Jessica Korth***

Jordan Ader*

Erika Krak**

Elizaveta Agarkova**

Emily Lange 

Alec Bagin 

Jennifer Lopez 

Jose Barrios

Sanay Ma 

Christopher Beardsworth 

Agustin Martinez 

Kopal Bhatti 

Carlee Mayer***

Devisha Bisaria 

Ravin McMorris

Ian Bortnick 

James Melody

Elizabeth Burnham

Patrick Miller

Jeremy Burton

Alejandra Molina

Yazmin Candiotti

Amy Moreno**

Colin Carr

Julian Morrison

Allyson Casella

Sophia Mulry***

Angelica Castillo

Bailey Murphy***

Ryley Coleman**

Sergio Nunez

Ana Conde

Lindsey Oosterhouse

Jaime Corro

Avery Pankratz**

Jorge Cotaquispe

Benny Perez

Jazmine Covington

Kasia Pieczara

Nina Davison*

Maria Radulescu**

Harold Deulofeut

Anjali Rathore

Chelsea Divins**

Karina Reyes

Elizabete Dudorane

Maysie Richter

Mikhaila Duvall

Marc Rosales***

Kaitlyn Foust*

Gillian Ruggeri***

Isabella Garcia

Janette Sanchez-Zarco

Daisy Garcia

Victoria Santiago

Elizabeth Gibbons***

Destiny Serrano

Tu'ziah Hall

Laura Sheban***

Patricia Hatzopoulos

Ashrith Shivaswamy

Gerald Hayes

Shelby Stafford***

Aiden Heavey

Komal Tailor***

Mary Henderson***

Perla Tapia

Maeghann Hoal

Alexandre Tham**

Zane Houlihan

Gabrielle Thomas

Vi Huynh

William Tischler

Ethan King

Kari Whalen***

Kaili Kleinschmidt

Samantha Wilson

Sydney Koncagul 

Isabelle Zinselmeier

Jennifer Konrath 

Cyndy Zukowski

*Summa Cum Laude

**Magna Cum Laude

***Cum Laude


Dr. Paul Mundy was a professor at Loyola University for 38 years, was the chair of the Department of Sociology, and in 1975 founded Loyola's Department of Criminal Justice. The Dr. Paul Mundy award is presented each year for outstanding scholarship to the graduating Criminal Justice and Criminology student with the highest overall grade point average. This year’s recipient is Nina Davison.

Dr. Charles W. Hart was a Loyola Graduate, a Faculty member in the Department of English, and an Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences where he showed great devotion to helping students both academically and personally. The Dean Charles W. Hart award is presented every year for academic excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences to all graduating Criminal Justice and Criminology students who have achieved a 3.7 overall grade point average. This years recipients include:

Jordan Ader

Elizaveta Agarkova

Ryley Coleman

Nina Davison

Chelsea Divins

Kaitlyn Foust

Erika Krak

Amy Moreno

Avery Pankratz

Maria Radulescu

Alexandre Tham


Dr. Gad Bensinger was a faculty member in Criminal Justice and Criminology for over 30 years, inspiring the lives and careers of his many students with his commitment to educating students and his dedication to social justice. Through a generous gift from his family, the Gad and Ana Bensinger Award recognizes undergraduate students who share Gad's commitment to social justice in understanding criminology and criminal justice issues. Students are selected for the award based on their submitted essays addressing social justice issues. This year's winners include:

Kaitlyn Foust  

Title: "Criminalizing Rest: How a Radicalized Pattern of Inequality Persists in Today's Post-Correctional System"

Kate Johnson

Title: "Combatting Racism in Coronavirus Media Coverage"

M. Grace O'Connor

Title: “The Detrimental Impact of the Carceral State on Pregnant Women and Their Children”

Gilliam Ruggeri

Title: “A Critical Evaluation of the Social Justice Program: Parent Child Interaction Therapy”