2021 CJC Graduates and Awards

Please join us in congratulating the students in the Loyola Class of 2021 receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and the Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

The following students earned the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  

Diana Aguirre

Anais Montalvo

Almerah Alkhatib

Isabella Moore

Batican Altan**

Ahslee Mullins

Alexander Alwais

Peter Nikho

Mary Bahena***

Lauren Nusser***

Marcus Betea*** 

 Maureen O'Connor**

Kirsten Bonish

James Ozog

Colin Carr 

Lily Pappanikou

Amira Carter***

Erin Pater

Alexandra Cataland*

Troy Payne

Crystal Cervantes**

Brea Ana Perkins

Emma Demonsthenes

Leah Petrak***

Megan Dierna

Matthew Petterson**

Reed Doubek

Jennifer Quizhpe***

Carlee Dulfer

Hannah Pagnone**

Nicholas Elish*

Kira Reed*

Blake Everson

Miguel Reynolds

Trace Ferguson

Olly Richards***

Clarice Fisher

Rosa Rivera*

Patryk Gajewski***

Janeth Rivera

Brianna Gonzalez

Jesus Rodriguez

Alondra Gutierrez

Darien Romero

Aino Helin

Emma Rooney

Holland Herndon***

Tina Samuel

Amanda Herrmann

Lucero Sandoval Lopez

Skyler Hill

Victoria Santiago

Devon Howell**

Cameron Sax

Aaylla Jaffery

Ristan Shynybek

Megan Japczyk

David Silva

Katlyn Johnson

Bailey Stajura

Shannon Kennedy

Jenna Stone

Jamie Kessler*

Nancy Sullivan**

Jennifer Konrath

Abigail Tapia

Alexandra Kvidt*

Sydra Timmer

Rebecca Lachman

William Tischler

Danya Lloyd Santiago

Julia Urbanek

Christopher Lopez

Karolina Urbanek

Emmanuel Lopez

Chantel Vanetzian

Reagan Lynn

Kaylaa Valazquez***

Agustin Martinez

Sofia Villeda

Alexander Martino

Sarah Vincent*

Christina Mazzucchi***

Jessica-Carol Wilbur***

Sean McMillan

Anna Wirth***

Sara Menchaca

Sarah Yun


Sydney Zuieback

*Summa Cum Laude

**Magna Cum Laude

***Cum Laude


The following students earned the Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Kaitlyn Foust Bailey Murphy
Mary Henderson Avery Pankratz
Erika Krak Shelby Stafford
Carlee Mayer Cynthia Guzman

Dr. Paul Mundy was a professor at Loyola University for 38 years, was the chair of the Department of Sociology, and in 1975 founded Loyola's Department of Criminal Justice. The Dr. Paul Mundy award is presented each year for outstanding scholarship to the graduating Criminal Justice and Criminology student with the highest overall grade point average. This year’s recipients are:

Katlyn Johnson

Rosa Rivera

Dr. Charles E. Hart was a Loyola Graduate, a Faculty member in the Department of English, and an Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences where he showed great devotion to helping students both academically and personally. The Dean Charles E. Hart award is presented every year for academic excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences to all graduating Criminal Justice and Criminology students who have achieved a 3.7 overall grade point average. This year's recipients include:

Batican Altan Sean McMillan
Alexandra Cataland Maureen O'Connor
Crystal Cervantes Matthew Petterson
Nicholas Elish Hannah Ragone
Clarice Fisher Kira Reed
Amanda Herrmann Olly Richards
Devon Howell Rosa Rivera
Katlyn Johnson Tina Samuel
Jamie Kessler Nancy Sullivan
Alexandra Kvidt Sarah Vincent


Dr. Gad Bensinger was a faculty member in Criminal Justice and Criminology for over 30 years, inspiring the lives and careers of his many students with his commitment to educating students and his dedication to social justice. Through a generous gift from his family, the Gad and Ana Bensinger Award recognizes undergraduate students who share Gad's commitment to social justice in understanding criminology and criminal justice issues. Students are selected for the award based on their submitted essays addressing social justice issues. This year's winners include:

Christiana Mazzucchi  

Title: "The Reality of Being a Woman Incarcerated: How Reproductive Rights Are Systematically Erased within the Prison System"


Pooja Rai

Title: "The School to Prison Pipeline: Reforming School Disciplinary Actions"