About Us

When Loyola University Chicago created the criminal justice and criminology major in 1975, there were 50 full-time and 29 part-time majors.  By 2005, more than 1,500 students have been awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and more than 90 have earned a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive liberal arts education that prepares students for various options after they receive their degrees, including professional school, graduate school, or a rewarding career in the criminal justice field. Our students have gone into careers that span the field of criminal justice, from police officers to judges, prosecutors to defense attorneys, probation and parole officers, investigators, and researchers across all levels of government, and in both the public and private sector.

Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology benefits from an excellent location. The Chicago/Cook County environment offers students numerous prospects to learn firsthand what it is like working in the criminal justice arena. Our internship program directors have cultivated relationships with agencies throughout the criminal justice system and at all levels of practice (federal, state, and local) and in all practice domains (law enforcement, courts, and corrections). Many internship experiences evolve into successful careers for criminal justice graduates.

As you explore our website, you will see the diversity of the courses we offer, the wide range of activities and opportunities for students, and additional information regarding our faculty. Loyola’s criminal justice and criminology faculty bring to the classroom a wide range of practical experience in the field, as well as the scientific research they have conducted, which has made a significant contribution to criminal justice practice, policy and knowledge.