Part-Time Instructors

NameCourses Taught

Professional Employment

Art Bilek History of Crime & Corruption in Chicago (CRMJ 395) Chicago Police Department (Retired), Illinois Law Enforcement Commission (Director) (Retired) & Hilton Corporation (Director of Security) (Retired)
Garry Bombard, Ph.D.  Introduction to Forensic Science (CRMJ 380) Illinois State Police, Division of Forensic Services, Director of Training (Retired)
Jac Charlier Criminal Justice Management & Administration (CRMJ 420) Illinois Department of Corrections, Parole Supervisor
Jessica Ashley Juvenile Justice System (CRMJ 302) Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Senior Research Analyst
Kenneth Dooley, Ph.D.  Municipal Police Operations (CRMJ 305) Chicago Police Department (Retired)
Karl Larsen, Ph.D. Introduction to Forensic Science (CRMJ 380) & Ethics in Forensic Science (CRMJ 395) Illinois State Police, Division of Forensic Services, Supervisor of Toxicology Section
Mark Myrent Statistics (CRMJ 407), Research Methods (CRMJ 409/CRMJ 315), & Communication in Conflict Situations (CRMJ 430/CRMJ 340) Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Associate Director & Director of Research and Analysis Unit
Megan Alderden Women & the Criminal Justice System (CRMJ Chicago Police Department, Research & Development
Greg Jacobson Criminal Profiling (CRMJ 395) Detective, Chicago Police Department
Michael Langer, Ph.D. Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRMJ 131) Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Senior Investigator
Greg Prestipino Drug Abuse Control (CRMJ 360) U.S. Courts, Probation & Parole, Senior Probation Officer
Michael Rohan Alternatives to Incarceration (CRMJ 338) Cook County Juvenile Probation & Court Services Department, Director
Michael Tardy Juvenile Justice System (CRMJ 302) Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, Special Assistant to the Director
Sharon Shipinski Corrections in America (CRMJ 335) Illinois Department of Corrections, Senior Policy & Scientific Advisor
Steve Karr Principles of Criminal Behavior (CRMJ 300) Illinois Department of Corrections, Director of Planning & Research
Terry Childers Sexual Exploitation of Children (CRMJ 395) U.S. Courts, Probation & Parole, Senior Probation Officer (Retired)
Tom Lemmer Municipal Police Operations (CRMJ 305) & Gang Activity and Control (CRMJ 352) Chicago Police Department, Captain & Watch Commander
Tom Freitag Computer Crime (CRMJ 395) Chicago Police Department, Sergeant, Education & Training Division