Student Profile

Morgan McGuirk Profile
Criminal Justice and Criminology
President, Undergraduate Criminal Justice Student Organization

Why Criminal Justice and Criminology?

Loyola’s Undergraduate Criminal Justice and Criminology program is truly unique. Students are presented with a well-rounded education that both serves a purpose and seeks to instill a sense of social justice as well. The undergraduate curriculum has a diverse set of courses tailored to specific areas of interest within the criminal justice field. Students are encouraged to participate and engage in ethical and controversial debates during class lectures.

What has been the best part about studying criminal justice and criminology at Loyola?

The connection between the Department and the city of Chicago. Being located in one of America’s largest cities provides many opportunities for Loyola students to obtain on-the-job training through the Department’s internship program. Loyola students intern with the criminal courts, with federal law enforcement agencies, and with the Chicago Police Department. These internships provide useful skills that prepare students to enter the workplace or pursue a graduate education.