Elizabeth Webster, PhD

Title/s:  Assistant Professor

Office #:  Mundelein Center, Room 807C

Phone: 773.508.8631

Email: ewebster1@luc.edu

CV Link: Webster CV_2023


Dr. Webster joined the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology in the Fall of 2018. She is a former communications professional at the Innocence Project, and an alum of the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice. She studies criminal justice system errors and the processes, policies, and perceptions that contribute to, and remedy, these errors. Her research, “A Postconviction Mentality: Prosecutorial Assistance as a Pathway to Exoneration,” which explores prosecutors’ decision making in wrongful conviction cases, was funded by the National Institute of Justice. Her current research projects include prosecutors' decision making in plea bargaining and exonerated defendants’ perceptions of their postconviction legal process.


Research Interests

Miscarriage of Justice, Criminal Justice Policy, Courts, Corrections, Law and Society, Theories of Crime, Qualitative Research Methods, Crime and the Media, Gender and Crime, Race and Crime



Courses Taught

CJC 201 Theories of Criminal Behavior

CJC 312 Popular Culture and Crime

CJC 372 Race, Ethnicity and Crime

CJC 374 Miscarriages of Justice


Selected Publications

Webster, Elizabeth, Beth Huebner, Alessandra Early, and Luis Torres. Forthcoming. "’Court Can Happen Anywhere’: Courtroom Workgroup Members' Perceptions of the Challenges and Opportunities of a Transformed Workplace." Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Webster, Elizabeth. (2022). “The Postconviction Workgroup: Cooperation Between Adversaries in Exoneration Cases.” Criminal Justice Policy Review 33 (8), 870-890.

Webster, Elizabeth, Kathleen Powell, Sarah Lageson, and Valerio Bacak. (2022). “’Satan’s Minions’ and ‘True Believers’: How Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Employ Quasi-Religious Rhetoric and What It Suggests About Lawyering Culture.” Justice System Journal 43 (1), 53-67.

Webster, Elizabeth. (2020) “The Prosecutor as a Final Safeguard Against False Convictions.” Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 110-245. 

Webster, Elizabeth. (2019). "A Postconviction Mentality: Prosecutorial Assistance in Exoneration Cases." Justice Quarterly 36, 2

Webster, Elizabeth and Jody Miller. (2014) “Gendering and Racing Wrongful Conviction: Intersectionality, ‘Normal Crimes,’ and Women’s Experiences of Miscarriage of Justice.” The Albany Law Review 78, 973