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Center for Research on Self-Sufficiency (CROSS)

School of Social Work

About Us

Center for Research on Self-Sufficiency (CROSS) is an independently funded community-based center within Loyola University Chicago's  School of Social Work that promotes long-range solutions to the issue of self-sufficiency through community engagement using education, practice, and research on psychological self-sufficiency (PSS) as a vehicle. CROSS is committed to studying the process of transformation as it relates to reaching various success outcomes associated with self-sufficiency and stability for low-income individuals and families. A decade of research evidence on PSS, a psychological empowerment process of switching from perceived barriers to hope that leads to economic self-sufficiency (ESS) outcomes in workforce development, serves as the anchoring theoretical framework. In order to promote capacity building of discouraged / disconnected workers, community-based human service organizations, funders, and government and business organizations, further research and evaluation will be conducted to advance the work of PSS. CROSS will also seek application of PSS to such areas as health promotion, adult literacy and education, ex-offender reentry, homelessness / public housing, youth development and violence prevention, social enterprise development, and financial capability and asset development.