Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Certificate Program Curricula

Networking and Information Security:

Students must take COMP 447, and may select 2 additional courses.

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Program Outcomes: Network and Information Security: 

  • Students will be able to manage and address security concerns in networks, including wireless networks. 
  • Students will acquire the skills to monitor and secure computers and network environments. 
  • Students will have a fundamental understanding of computer forensics, and be able to design and implement a forensics examination. 

COMP 443 Computer Networks   

Outcomes: Students will understand how the Internet is constructed, how data is routed to its destination, how connections are made, how congestion is handled, and how security can be addressed. 

COMP 447 Intrusion Detection  

Outcomes: Students will learn to configure ID systems (eg., snort) and analyze their output. They will also understand both network-based and host-based monitoring techniques. 

COMP 448 Network Security

Outcome: Students will gain an understanding of how to secure computers and network environments. 

COMP 449 Wireless Network/Security  

Outcome: Students will gain an understanding of wireless networking, protocols, and standards and security issues. 

COMP 488  Topics:  Computer Forensics  Investigations 

Outcomes:  The student will be able to create a valid forensic image; implement an internet examination and memory analysis; and write a forensic examination report. 


Web Programming:

Students should complete 3 of the 5 courses listed below.  For students with limited background, Introduction to Web Programming should be completed first. 

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Program Outcomes: Web Programming: 

  • Students will acquire proficiency in object-oriented programming. 
  • Students will be able to develop applications incorporating a variety of both client-side and server-side technologies, using appropriate protocols. 
  • Students will design interfaces that promote ease of user interaction in a variety of platforms.

COMP 422  Wireless/Mobile Software Development 

Outcome: Students will learn user interface design for small screens, programming techniques for devices with limited memory and processing power, data synchronization for mobile databases, and wireless network programming. 

COMP 424  Client-Side Web Design 

Outcomes: Students will learn markup of static and dynamic content, content transformation, client-side executable content including client-side scripting and embedded applets, and web-based content management systems. 

COMP  441 Human-Computer Interaction 

Outcomes: Students will acquire an awareness of different design and evaluation methods as well as practical, effective, and cost-conscience methods for improving systems and their interfaces. 

COMP 425  Rapid Applications Development 

Outcomes: Students will be able to identify and implement the standards and protocols for deploying web services. 

CPST 342 Introduction to Web Application Development​ (offered by the School of Continuing Professional Studies. Course description available on Locus.)

Outcomes: Experience with commonly used web application development frameworks. Familiarity with database integration and deployment environments. Create webpages using JavaScript and related tools and protocols, and interface a webpage with a database.​


Technology Management: 


Students should complete the three of the four courses listed below: 

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Program Outcomes: Technology Management: 

  • Students will acquire a better understanding of the structure of an organization and how this impacts and is impacted by technology acquisition. 
  • Students will develop models to support business decisions. 
  • Students will be able to identify IT system requirements and build a design or plan and execute a project to satisfy those requirements.

COMP 403  Operations Management 

Outcome:  Understanding of role of operations management in organizations and applying models of production and operations management to decision making. 

COMP 420  Software Systems Analysis 

Outcomes: Students will be able to capture business requirements in a software modeling document and determine appropriate object-oriented classes suitable for final project implementation. 

COMP 477  IT Project Management 

Outcome:  Students will learn time management, work-flow management, and team dynamics to design, implement and test large-scale software projects. 

COMP 488-472  Organizational Change and Development 

Student will understand the dynamics of change in organizations, learn techniques and strategies in managing change, and develop skills that will enable a change agent mentality within the context of Information Technology leadership.