Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

COMP 104: Computer Animation

An animation course for the web with no prerequisites - appropriate for all.

Credit hours



No course; be able to navigate in Windows or Mac machines.


Computer animation of multimedia objects is increasingly used in web publishing and in projects for product marketing. The purpose of this course is to introduce interactive elements in multimedia creation using computer animation and using simple programming components for interactivity. The course will teach techniques to create dynamic and interactive content using Macromedia’s Flash software. Examples of interactivity include the ability to change the animation upon user input, as in a flying plane unveiling a banner when the user touches it or upon the expiration of a timer, as in rain turning to snow in 5 seconds or other event-driven systems. The course is appropriate for anyone who is interested in using computers to design, and publish simple graphical animations including web developers, and graphic artists. The salient feature of the course is that very little programming knowledge is needed although students should be comfortable in using software tools and be able to think logically to write simple, programming segments in a special language called Actionscript.