Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

COMP 391: Internship in Computer Science




Undergraduate Internship Coordinator approval


An opportunity to obtain experience in software development, design, or related activities in computer science in a professional setting.

Selection for Internships in Computer Science:

  1. Students interested in internship must first find an employer/supervisor willing to provide them with a job.  Internships are most advantageous to students if they already have considerable experience in upper level Computer Science courses.  Skills from upper level courses are also going to help students be hired.
  2. The student must make a formal request to the Undergraduate Internship Coordinator, supplying a job description.  The Undergraduate Internship Coordinator is looking for positions where the student will use and extend knowledge from upper level courses.
  3. The Undergraduate Internship Coordinator reviews the student's performance in general and in relevant Comp classes, and either approves the request or suggests what further steps the student should make before securing an internship.
  4. By the start of the internship the student must deliver the Internship Memorandum of Understanding (see below) signed by both the supervisor, student, and Undergraduate Internship Coordinator, outlining the expectations of all parties.

Presently the standard expectation is 50 hours of work relevant to a computer science education for each unit of credit. Hence 150 hours are expected for 3 credits. Work may overlap terms, and then credit is offered for the term in which the internship is completed. For more formal details, please see the Computer Science Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in PDF format or in MS-Word format.

Note 1: This is a course like any other where you need to be registered on time for the term (fall semester, spring semester, or summer) in which the internship will end. Many people have been denied registration for 391 because they tried to register late, concentrating on the job, not the registration. Also you must get the approval of the Undergraduate Internship Coordinator first. Plan ahead.

Note 2: In order to get a grade recorded, the final reports of the student and the employer must be received by the Undergraduate Internship Coordinator before the last week of the finals week. Make sure the end date on the internship is early enough to fit with that. You may continue with more hours in your job after the for-credit internship part.

Note 3: You do not need to be classified as an intern in your job. It can be a regular job. The internship only comes from the relationship to your academic credit and the supporting documents indicated in the MOU. The overhead for the employer is comparable to a letter of recommendation.

Internship opportunities that the Computer Science Department has received are posted here and in the department on the fourth floor of Lewis Towers. Another resource is the university career and internship center. Students may also find a position through their own contacts.