Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Overview of Graduate Programs

Common Features of Graduate Programs

Structure of Requirements

The graduate programs all require COMP 417: Ethical and Social Issues in Computing plus three courses chosen to satisfy requirements for the individual program. The other six courses are elective courses in Computer Science or cross-listed courses in the School of Business.

Switching Between Programs

There is enough freedom in the programs that some people enter in one program, take some elective courses more closely identified with a different program, and then change degree programs with no loss of credit or continuity.

Time for the Programs

  • Some students finish the 10 courses of the program in just one year, taking 4 courses in each of a fall and spring, plus two courses in the summer, starting at any time of the year.
  • More students start in fall or spring and take a year plus a semester, with 3 courses in each of three fall/spring semesters plus one course in the intervening summer. For students on an F-1 visa, three courses are generally required in fall and spring, except during your final semester.
  • Others work full-time and take courses only part-time, and take longer to finish.

Transfer Credit

With the approval of the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate School, a student may transfer credit for up to two graduate level courses taken outside the programs to count for credit in Computer Science programs, reducing the number of courses required to as few as eight courses.