Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science


B.S. in Communication Networks and Security

If you declared the Network Security Degree as your major prior to Fall 2013, then you are under the old Communication Networks and Security B.S. curriculum located here. You may switch to the new curriculum, located below, by going in to LOCUS and dropping your major and readding it. This will effectively switch you to the new requirements. Note: Once you switch to the new requirements you cannot switch back.

Major Requirements (48 Credit Hours)

Practicum Capstone

Six (6) credits taken from one or more of COMP 390COMP 391, and COMP 398.  See the details of registering in the links for each course. (See also individual degree requirements, which generally permit three additional units beyond the practicum to be counted as an elective, as long as you take no more than 6 units of 391 and no more than 6 units of 398.) Students are encouraged to complete these credits during junior and senior years to draw on prior experience.


18 credits taken from:

Suggested Ordering of Courses

Year 1

  • Non-major Calculus 1: MATH 131 or Calculus 1: MATH 161
  • Discrete Structures: COMP 163
  • Introduction To Object Oriented Programming: COMP 170

Year 2

  • Introduction To Computer Systems: COMP 264 or Data Structures: COMP 271
  • Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing: COMP 317
  • Electives

Year 3

  • Intro to Computer Networks: COMP 343
  • Intrusion Detection and Security: COMP 347
  • Network Security: COMP 348
  • Electives

Year 4

  • Electives
  • Practicum