Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science


B.S. and M.S. Dual-Degree in Computer Science

This info is only for students who are enrolled in the program as of Fall 2013 or before. If you are wishing to enroll for Spring 2014 onwards, please go to the new page located here.

The BS/MS programs allow a student to combine a BS program in the Computer Science Department:

with one of the MS programs:

In the dual degree programs there is a reduction of one elective required for the Masters portion, so only 9 Masters courses are required.

Students may not automatically enroll in the BS/MS program during Freshman admisson. They must specifically apply to the Graduate School, generally in their Sophomore or Junior year.

Students enrolled in the BS/MS program may take graduate courses for MS credit while still in undergraduate status.  They count toward the MS only if they are not needed in the 128 credits for the BS or in any other undergraduate graduation requirement.  Undergraduate students must make a specific request to the GPD to get in a grad course, and if approved, the department will register you.


Please contact the Graduate Program Director at gpd@cs.luc.edu if you have any questions.