Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Recommendations for Students Currently Enrolled at Loyola

Students already enrolled at Loyola at the time of application are invited to submit a letter of recommendation from a Loyola faculty or staff member not on the selection committee. The selection committee for applications submitted in the 2012 round is comprised of the following faculty members:

Dr. Ronald Greenberg  Computer Science
Dr. Chandra Sekharan  Computer Science
Dr. Howard Laten  Biology
Dr. Kenneth Olsen  Chemistry
Dr. George Thiruvathukal  Computer Science

Any one other Loyola faculty or staff member may be selected to write a letter of recommendation.

We haven't had a chance yet to set up a fancy online submission mechanism; in the interim, letters can be sent

  • by email from an luc.edu address to Dr. Ronald Greenberg (rig@cs.luc.edu) with subject "ExCEL recommendation for ..." OR
  • on paper in an envelope signed across the flap by the recommender and then placed (by you or the recommender) under the door of Loyola Hall Room 104