Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Part-Time Faculty

Ting Xiao

Title/s:  Part-Time Instructor

Office #:  Doyle Center 2nd Floor

Phone: N/A



   Ting Xiao is a postdoctoral researcher in particle physics at Northwestern University. She uses statistical and computational tools to extract meaningful signals from large data sets. She has been applying these skills on data collected from particle accelerators at Cornell and Jefferson National Lab, where she has improved the precision of various physical measures, allowing for the accurate detection of a variety of subatomic particles. She received her PhD from Northwestern University in 2016 and her undergraduate degree at Zhejiang University in China. Her research interests are in data science, with a focus on signal processing in a variety of domains; this includes multiple current projects with Loyola students using probabilistic graphical models for statistical inference on auditory signals, video, and inertial sensor data. She is a coauthor on 60 papers working with a variety of collaborations, amassing over 1000 citations; the most cited paper among these is a first author paper in which she discovered a new particle - Zc0(3900). This fall, Dr. Xiao is teaching a section of COMP 150: Introduction to Computing, and she looks forward to teaching the first COMP 180 “CS for scientists” course in spring 2018.