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New Course COMP 366/450: Microcontroller Design and Interfacing

New Course COMP 366/450: Microcontroller Design and Interfacing


Ever wonder what runs your microwave ( or automobile, printer, …)?

In Fall 2014 you can find out! Build computer controlled systems using a modern microcontroller and the famous Arduino open source electronics prototyping system. Learn what it feel like to really be in control of a whole computer based system – no other software to get in your way!

“In this course I show folks the kind of software that makes real world products tick," said Dr. William Honig, the course's instructor.


"When I was working in industry R&D before joining Loyola building embedded systems, it used to be hard to do something like this in a university; but the Arduino board solves all the hardware complexity. We can just tinker and have fun building things!”

Programming will be mostly in C (a smaller earlier predecessor to C++, Java, C#, etc.) The course will review basic electronics (amps, volts, watts, ohms). More information can be found at http://cs.luc.edu/whonig/comp-366-488