Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science


Spring 2014 Student Presentations

On top of celebrating a great semester and recognizing the achievements of individual students this Wednesday, nine groups of students would like to demonstrate their project accomplishments over the past semester. 

Some will be demos or posters, but most will be in the form of 5-10 minute presentations starting roughly at 2pm in the CS department office following the celebration.

It is guaranteed you will learn more in the 1+ hour of demos and presentations than 1 hour of cramming for finals, so come celebrate the collective work of our independent study students.


Click here for brief descriptions (google doc)

Android Wall
Hugh Adam, Luiz Barboza, Breno Carvalho, Zachary Herr

An environmental monitoring and control system integrating local and external data
Md Asraful Alom, Keerthana Aravamudhan, Michael Dotson

Activity recognition in incomplete spinal cord injury
Michael Courtois, Yohannes Azeze (Biomedical engineering, IIT), Arun Jayaraman (PT/Ph.D. at RIC)

Activity-recognition graphical front-end development
Carol Klann, Daneih Ismail, Alex Thornburg

At-home passive tremor measurement for Parkinson’s patients
Alex Thornburg, Santiago Toledo (MD, RIC)

ECG signal detection and ML-based beat classification
Neil Rao

Binocular depth perception scoring for visual development models
Gordon Kratz

VIBES: tactile sensitivity estimation using touch screen vibration
Tara Raj

HMM-based activity recognition on SCI patient data
Ranulfo Neto

Arduino Music Visualizer
Michael Kwak