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In order to help address the shortage of qualified math and science middle school teachers, the Center for Science and Math Education is working with academic departments at Loyola as well as with the Chicago Public Schools Office of Math and Science to offer sequences of courses which will allow teachers to meet all No Child Left Behind criteria for being a highly qualified teacher in these core subject areas.

Starting in the fall of 2003, we have offered sequences of courses for inservice teachers to allow them to complete the science or math component of endorsement in middle school math and science.

Each sequence consists of six courses in science or math; in science, there are four required courses with teachers choosing two of the remaining three. There are six courses in the math sequence.

Each course is offered on the graduate level by one of the academic departments in Loyola's College of Arts and Sciences.

These six courses will satisfy state certification requirements for math or science content. Full certification requires these six course plus two additional courses offered by the School of Education; these additional are adolescent psychology and middle school curriculum. At Loyola, these courses are offered through our School of Education , and have the course numbers and titles:

CIEP 454 Human Development with Educational Implications (Middle Grades)

CIEP 351 Curriculum and Teaching in Middle Schools

The Center for Science and Math Education has received generous funding from the Boeing Corporation and BP America to support Chicago Public School teachers taking our courses. You can read more about the Boeing Scholars Program and BP Scholars Program in the links below. All teachers interested in entering our program should contact us at 773-508-3513 or email us at science@luc.edu

Boeing Scholars Program 

BP America Scholars Program

Science Teaching Scholars Program