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Center for Science and Math Education

Linda Brazdil


Dr. Linda Brazdil is currently Director of the Center for Science and Math Education and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. She came to Loyola from Northwestern University where she was a Research Associate Professor in the School of Education and Social Policy. In that position she directed several programs aimed at enhancing science instruction in Chicago Public schools. As part of CPS’s High School Transformation program,she was the director of the Meaningful Science Consortium (MSC), which provided science curriculum, coaching, professional development, and assessments to CPS high schools. She oversaw a group of science instructional coaches who provided professional development for teachers and mentored them individually and as teams within their schools. She was responsible for design and delivery of professional development for the teachers as well as professional development for the instructional coaches. Additionally, she met with principals and members of the science leadership teams in schools to set goals for science instructional practice and to monitor progress toward these goals. She also oversaw the design of model lessons and the development and enhancement of an online lesson planning tool to support teachers in implementation of this curriculum. In the Early Elementary Science Partnership (E2SP) program, she taught science content courses to K-3 CPS teachers, designed and delivered professional development to 4th grade CPS teachers based on the science content they teach, and met with administrators and science teams within the schools to develop plans for inquiry-based science teaching throughout each school and to monitor progress toward the goals they set.

Dr. Brazdil also has been the Director of Prairie Crossing Charter School, where she was responsible for leading and supporting teachers in providing innovative, project- and inquiry-based experiences centered on environmental issues. She was responsible for guiding the work of teachers in developing and implementing curriculum for 6th through 8th grades as the school grew to include these grade levels. Additionally, she guided work of the teachers to redesign curriculum at grades K-5 in order to ensure coherence within and across grade levels. In developing curriculum, she interacted with the Liberty Prairie Conservancy and the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm to create authentic programs for PCCS students and their families. These included a grant-funded research program for 7th and 8th graders to monitor the water quality in the community’s lake and make recommendations for water quality improvement to the homeowners and a farm to table program in which students grew food at the farm that was then used to prepare school lunches. She also oversaw the construction of two classroom buildings, one of which received LEED Gold Certification, and a free standing gymnasium.

Dr. Brazdil has worked with teams of science teachers throughout Illinois to design science curriculum and measure the impact of curricular and instructional changes on students learning.  She has been a consultant to Project 2061, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at John Carroll University, a science education consultant, a research chemist at BP, and a high school chemistry teacher.  Linda received a B.S. in chemistry from Notre Dame College of Ohio and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physical chemistry from Case Western Reserve University.  She holds 33 U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents.  Dr. Brazdil received the 1991 Cleveland Technical Societies Council Technical Achievement Award, an award presented to a researcher under the age of 37, for his or her accomplishments and potential. She was inducted into the BP America Inventors Hall of Fame in 1990, was named the Outstanding Chemistry Alumna of Notre Dame College of Ohio in 1994, and received the Joan P. Lambros Service Award from the Fluorine Chapter of Iota Sigma Pi in 1998.  In 2005 she was named the National Honorary Member of Iota Sigma Pi, the highest honor afforded by that organization.

Selected Publications:

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