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Endorsement Courses for Teachers

The Center for Science and Math Education, in conjunction with the science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a series of courses designed for inservice teachers to enhance their knowledge of science as well as hone their skills as teachers of science.

Courses for Middle School Teachers

 ENVS 477 The Nature of Science

This course will provide a sweeping, interdisciplinary view of critical concepts, principles and theories that describe the hierarchy of nature. The historical dimension of science will be discussed using classical case studies.

ENVS 478 Integration of Math and Science

Mathematical concepts such as rates, ratios and proportions, probability and statistics and measurement that support scientific investigation and analysis will be presented. Hands-on activities that illustrate the application of mathematical reasoning in various science disciplines will be presented. 

BIOL 477 Life Science- Cellular, Molecular, and Genetics

This course will expose teachers to the fundamental concepts of as well as a historical perspective on experimental science in cell biology, genetics and molecular biology. We will analyze experimental design principals demonstrated by the important discoveries in this area through discussion, readings and hands-on activities.

BIOL 478 Life Science-Physiological Systems, Organismal Biology and Ecosystems

We will be examining structure-function relationships of the cell, organ systems, the whole organism and the ecosystem. Evolutionary questions in these contexts will be explored. The development of critical reasoning skills will also be emphasized.

PHYS 477 Physical Science

Knowledge of fundamental physics concepts will provide a basis for understanding various everyday phenomena. Combining lecture with hands-on activities, topics such as properties of matter, motion, forces, work and energy and magnetism and electricity will be explored.

PHYS 478 Earth and Space Science

Participants will investigate the nature and history of the Earth, exploring both the physical properties shaping our planet and the interaction between evolution of the planet and the evolution of life on earth.

Courses for High School Teachers

PHYS 401 Mathematical Methods of Physics

A course that focuses on the mathematics necessary for high school physics courses, including geometry, algebra, vectors, trigonometry, exponential functions and an introduction to the basic concepts of calculus. Instruction will focus on providing applications of math to the science that participants will learn in future courses.

PHYS 411 Motion, Mechanics and Heat

This course provides in depth coverage of elemental concepts in physics such as motion in one and two dimensions, components of motion and vectors, Newton's Laws, momentum, energy, rotational motion, and thermodynamics.

PHYS 412 Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics A continuation of PHYS 411 including discussions of electrostatics and electrodynamics, charge, voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's Laws and circuits, electric and magnetic fields, reflection, refraction, lenses and the lens makers equation.

PHYS 413 Atomic and Nuclear Physics and Relativity

A survey of modern physics including the forces binding atoms and nuclei, radioactivity, introduction to the concepts of quantum mechanics and topics in special relativity including time dilation, length contraction, and the Twins' Paradox.