Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Western Union's Teacher Enrichment

(This program has been discontinued)

With the support of the Western Union Foundation, the Center for Science and Math Education is providing a one-year program to build capacity of teachers of ELL students in science content knowledge and inquiry-based instructional approaches. The cohort will consist of teams of two teachers from each participating school who support ELL students learning of high school science. This unique program seeks to create opportunities for both science content teachers and ELL teachers to mentor each other in learning science content and developing effective strategies for ELL instruction. These teachers will then be able to further contribute to the community of teachers and learners assisting diverse populations of students at their school. 

Teachers will take one content based graduate level course in essential science content and skills. This coursework will be supported by a program of professional development focused on constructing differentiated learning environments for ELL students with high quality science curricular materials. The content based course and professional development, combining content rigor with modern approaches to pedagogy, have been designed by the science professionals and educational specialists of CSME to fit the needs of teachers. 

Please contact us at science@luc.edu for details.