Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Our Mission

Transformative STEM education for a more just world. 

The Center for Science and Math Education (CSME) advances transformative, research-based approaches to STEM education, with the aim of enhancing STEM learning in PK-12 and higher education. In Loyola University’s Jesuit tradition of care for the whole person and the creation of a more just world, we prioritize support for high-quality, inclusive, culturally relevant STEM education among students from communities that have historically been denied the opportunity and empowerment of meaningful participation in science and mathematics. Through collaborative, sustainable partnerships with Chicago-area schools and Loyola's STEM-related programs, our work emphasizes four components: 1) professional and pre-service learning in STEM teaching practices, 2) instructional leadership development, 3) curriculum implementation, and 4) research and program evaluation. Together, these components support the continuous improvement of STEM education in our communities where it is most needed.