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Center for Science and Math Education

Research and Evaluation

The research and evaluation team at the Center for Science & Math Education (CSME) is committed to the advancement of STEM education through rigorous evaluation of education programs. We partner with individuals and organizationswithin and beyond Loyola University Chicagoto evaluate program implementation, processes, and outcomes in relation to stated goals. Additionally, we provide support through all phases of education-related projects, including proposal development, human subjects, implementation support, data collection and analysis, formative feedback, reporting and dissemination. Our work has been funded by state and federal agencies and private foundations. We also work directly with clients on a fee-for-service basis. The research faculty and staff at CSME have more than 30 years of combined experience  evaluating programs: 

  • of various sizes (both small and large grants)  
  • serving both K-12 and higher education 
  • formal and informal education programs 




Clients and Partners 

CSME Research Faculty and Staff