Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Saswati Koya

Science Instructional Coach

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Saswati Koya is a Science Instructional Coach supporting implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and high-quality science instruction in Chicago schools. In her 20 plus years with the Chicago Public Schools as a high school STEM educator, Saswati has worked closely with several Chicago colleges and universities to provide her students with high quality STEM programs and experiential learning opportunities. From building culturally relevant learning units to using data to inform her teaching, Saswati has been very successful in the success of her students in high school and beyond. Saswati has a Masters in Zoology and Animal Cytogenetics from Calcutta University, India, and a Bachelors in education from M K University, India and DePaul University, Chicago. As a very experienced mentor teacher with several CPS programs, Saswati uses â€˜cognitive coaching’ and her strength of building strong and trusting relationships to support and empower educators with whom she works.