Modernist Networks


Modernist Networks (ModNets) is a consortium of digital projects in the field of modernist literary and cultural studies. It has the dual goals of establishing a vetting community for digital modernist scholarship and a technological infrastructure to support development of scholarly projects and access to scholarship on modernist literature and culture.

ModNets aims to promote affiliated digital projects; to offer peer review based on content, conception, and technical design; to provide editorial and technical support; to evolve standards and “best practices”; and to maintain a system for the aggregation of scholarly resources in the field.

Digital scholarship in modernist literary and cultural studies has been flourishing, yet until the launch of Modernist Networks in August 2015, there was no coordination between projects, no aggregating infrastructure for information search, no vetting community, and no network of support as exists for digital scholarship in earlier historical periods. By supplying these needs, Modernist Networks supports the development of innovative projects and access to scholarship in the field. ModNets provides a single site where a user can search a whole array of digital modernist projects from a single search box. It also fulfills an important scholarly function by providing peer review for digital projects in modernist literature and culture.


Project Director: Pamela L. Caughie and David E. Chinitz (co-Directors); Niamh McGuigan (Associate Director)


Field(s): scholarly communication, metadata, textual scholarship, critical infrastructure