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ZettelGeist is a plaintext note-taking system, inspired by the ZettelKasten Method, which supports the familiar tried-and-true method of organizing research using a card index.

ZettelGeist supports the core ideas of a ZettelKasten by starting with a plaintext approach. Unlike fancy graphical note-taking systems, our system is designed from the beginning to be plaintext based and makes use of technologies such as YAML and Markdown. Specific support is provided for full-text indexing and searching of note metadata and content. All tools are free and open source. The present toolset is implemented as a Python library and set of accompanying scripts, with web, Android, and iOS clients to be developed. See http://zettelgeist.com for details about the current implementation and how to participate (yes, we are interested in students with skills in front-end and app development.)

A screenshot of the Creating a Zettel section on http://zettelgeist.com/gs/

Project Directors: George K. Thiruvathukal (Computer Science) and David B. Dennis (History)

Website: http://zettelgeist.com

Field(s): Markup, Natural Language Processing, Text Encoding, Research Methods, Higher Education, and Writing