Local Community and Guest Resources

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Whether you are a local resident, landlord or business owner, we hope you will assist us in supporting Loyola students living, visiting, or patronizing your place of business. Support students by becoming aware of the campus resources and departments to contact should you have any concerns.

There may be times when you will have to report students who may be in violation of the Good Neighbor Policy in the Community Standards. Students may be in violation of this policy if they break the law or cause disturbances, engage in irresponsible or unreasonably noisy social hosting, are disruptive or unruly, cause damage to property, or violate other local laws or ordinances.


Report a Concern

In order for Loyola to assist or hold students accountable, community members should report matters immediately and provide as much information as possible. Loyola cannot know or take action without information and real-time reporting from individuals affected by student behavior. Loyola does not in any way condone students engaging in under-age drinking, over-consumption, public urination, or neighborhood noise disturbances.

If you are aware of a Loyola student in need of assistance, please call the Campus Safety department at 773.508.SAFE (7233) or Chicago emergency services at 911. If the matter is not urgent or an emergency, please submit a report for your concern.



Helpful Tips

  • For residents, in order to foster positive relations with Loyola students, introduce yourself to students when they first move in. Help students understand what the neighborhood is like.
  • If you see a student who is sick, crying, behaving erratically, intoxicated, struggling to walk or communicate, please call Loyola Campus Safety at 508.SAFE (7233) or Chicago emergency services at 911.
  • When submitting a report, please gather as much information as possible (time, location, names or description of individuals, take pictures if appropriate, etc.). Remember, the university cannot assist or take action without evidence and the ability to identify students.
  • Contact the Office of the Dean of Students (773.508.8840) during business hours if you want to speak with someone about your general concerns involving Loyola students. For general concerns after business hours, report a concern online.


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