Academic Resources



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Navigating Your Academic Success

  • Visit the Tutoring Center: Find out if they offer support for the classes you are enrolled in.
  • Connect with a Success CoachIf you are seeking assistance in developing success plans for your academic journey, such as goal-setting, time management, or study skills, you can request support from a Success Coach.
  • Register with Student Accessibility Center (SAC) to recieve formal accommodations. There are benefits to registering with SAC and shareing your accommodations with professors. In doing so, your professors have to uphold your accommodations and you will be assigned to a SAC advisor who will advocate for your needs should challenges occur.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor: Knowing who your academic advisor is and meeting with your academic advisor at the beginning of each semester can help you stay on track with your academic course load and expectations. 
  • Meet with Your Professor(s):If you know you aren’t doing so well in class(es), it never hurts to meet with your professors and ask for help/guidance on ways you can finish the semester strong. To view an email template when communicating with professors, click here

To learn more about academic resources for support, visit the Student Academic Services website. For assistance in navigating challenges that may inhibit your academic success, submit a CARE Referral by clicking here