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Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award from LCBH

Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award from LCBH

This past fall, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) honored CURL and Dr. Peter Rosenblatt (Sociology) for the collaborative work we have done on eviction research with LCBH. In an virtual ceremony,  David Orr, co-founder of LCBH, former Alderman in Chicago, and former Clerk of Cook County, awarded CURL the Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award given “to an individual or institution who has provided outstanding volunteer services in support of LCBH’s mission.” In his comments in reviewing CURL’s work, Mr. Orr thanked Peter “for [his] vision to use data to shine on darkness and raise awareness on Chicago’s eviction crisis.” As always, we are proud of our collaborative work and honored to have Dr. Rosenblatt lead us in these efforts. Congrats to Peter and all of the team at CURL!

You can find the YouTube recording of the LCBH event as well as the specific presentation of the award to CURL including Peter’s remarks in accepting the award by clicking HERE.