Dr. Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtama, S.J.

Office of the President, Sanata Dharma University

Title and Précis:

“Ikatan Petani Pancasila,” Its Founder’s Inspiration of “Musyawarah” as an Adaptive Democratic Value, and Its Impact on the Leadership Formation of the Catholic Lay Activists in Indonesia

     From the post-colonial movement in Indonesia, “Ikatan Petani Pancasila,” founded by John Dijkstra, SJ, comes the democratic concept ‘musyawarah’. This lay Catholic movement had a profound impact on Catholics throughout Indonesia. The metatheoretical framework of Mentkowski and Associates will be used in order to analyze such effects and design leadership training models which will help to strengthen various social movement groups in Indonesia by implementing ‘musyawarah’. This research will contain both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The former will include interviews with Catholic lay leaders who know Fr. Dijkstra, SJ in order to create a questionnaire. The questionnaire will then be used to do a field survey among the Catholic lay activists trained by the Bina Swadaya Agricultural Institution within four different dioceses.


     Dr. Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtama, S.J. has been the Rector/President of Sanata Dharma University since 2006. Fr. Wiryono has a background in Philosophy, Theology, Agriculture, Economics and Education. He completed his Doctoral degree at Oklahoma State University in 1986 in the field of Agricultural Education. Fr. Wiryono has previously served as the Rector of East Timor University in Dili, East Timor (1989-93), Rector of Soegijapranata Catholic University in Semarang, Indonesia (1993-1996) and Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Indonesia (1996-2002).  Fr. Wiryono teaches in the Graduate Schools at Gadjah Mada University, Soegijapranata Catholic University and Sanata Dharma University.