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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Student Association


We are extremely happy and proud to announce the Digital Humanities Student Association (DHSA), spearheaded by the students of our MA in Digital Humanities, class of 2020 and class of 2021. Currently, it includes all nine of us, pooling in our time, effort and expertise to consolidate the association 

The decision to create the student-run organization was taken in order to participate in conversations about DH at Loyola, to create a sustainable relationship with the Graduate School, advocate for our needs, participate in outreach activities not just within college, but also with the thriving DH community in Chicago, and overall present to the world what DH at Loyola has to offer.  

You can follow our blog here, where our students, alumni and members of the DH community pen down their thoughts and experiences of their DH journey. 

To contact, drop us an email at luc.dhsa@gmail.com 

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter