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The variety of careers pursued by our digital humanists is illustrated by our alumni:

Graduation Term: Spring 2019

Final Project: PlainTxt Podcast: A DH Social Experi(enc)ment

Previous Positions held:

Digital Fellow, Loyola University Chicago CTSDH Graduate Reference Assistant, Loyola University Chicago Libraries 

Encoder and Project Consultant for Indiana University’s Petrarchive (2018- )

Assistant Digital Editor of Man Into Woman Digital Edition and Archive (2018- )

LUC Library Graduate Systems Assistant (2018- )

LUC Library Graduate Reference Assistant (2017- ), Web Content Manager and Metadata Consultant for West Overton Village and Museums of Scottsdale, Pennsylvania (2017- ),

Web Content Manager and Text Encoding Consultant for Black Rock History Project of Fairfield, Connecticut (2016- )

Digital Humanities Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (2014-2016), Editor of the Digital Mitford Project (2014- )

Project Manager and Senior Editor of the Restoration of Nell Nelson Project (2014- ).


View Rebecca's e-portfolio: 



Graduation Term: Spring 2019

Final Project: The Digital Valorium of William Wordsworth's "Nutting"


View Taylor's e-portfolio: https://www.taskstream.com/ts/brown1514/TaylorBrown

Graduation Term: Spring 2019

Final Project: ChiTown Food Aid

Occupation: Development Coordinator, Kartequem Films


Graduation Term: Spring 2019

Final Project: The Big Brick House Project

Graduation Term: Spring 2019

Final Project: Rush Hour: How Do Chicago's Neighborhoods Use Public Transit?

Occupation: Client Systems Engineer, Epic


View Abdur's e-portfolio: https://www.taskstream.com/ts/khan78/Biography

Graduation Term: Fall 2018

Final Project: SOTU-db: State of the Union Database

Occupation: Metro History Fair Manager, Chicago History Museum 


View Tyler's e-portfolio: https://w.taskstream.com/ts/monaghan9/bio

Graduation Term: Fall 2013


Final Project: Single Page Apps for Humanists: A Case Study using the Perseus Richmond Times

Occupation: Software Engineer, 4C Social Media Analytics

Read more about Trevor's work here. 

Graduation Term: Spring 2015

Occupation: Associate Professor of English, Norfolk State University


Graduation Term: Spring 2013

Twitter: @helsinhashtags

Final Project: The Digital Danelaw - Viking Life in Medieval Britain

Occupation: PhD student at the English department of the University of Mississippi (2014-2016), PhD student at the English department at University of Rochester (2016), graduate student coordinator with the Lazarus Project

Graduation Term: Spring 2018

Final Project: The Nostromo Project

Occupation: High School English Teacher, Plainfield, IL

Graduation Term: Fall 2012

Twitter: @mandygagel

Final Project: 

Occupation: Custom Books Editor, XanEdu Press, previous Associate Editor of the Mark Twain Project, UC Berkley


Graduation Term: Spring 2014

Twitter: @hannahgillow

Final Project: 

Occupation: Archivist at the Queer Archive at the University of Bergen Library, Norway

Read more about Hannah's here.

Graduation Term: Spring 2014

Twitter: @erik_a_hanson

Final Project: Mapping The Possible: Graph Database Concept Using Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time" and Neo4j

Occupation: IT Manager, Old Republic Insurance, Chicago, IL

Graduation Term: Summer 2016

Twitter: @niamhmcguigan

Final Project: Function Words, Topic Models and Lexical Variety: Statistical Approaches to Close Reading The Good Soldier

Occupation: Head of Reference Services, Loyola University Chicago Libraries


Graduation Term: Spring 2016

Final Project: Roots4all: A Genealogical Repository Mapping Tool

Graduation Term: Spring 2018

Final Project: DREAMers in Higher Education

Occupation: Assistant Editor, Solve

Graduation Term: Spring 2017

Twitter: @mcpalacio92

Final Project: “Journalism in Times of War: A Digital Critical Archive”

Occupation: PhD student, Comparative Literature, Northwestern University

Graduation Term: Spring 2014 

Twitter: @stilletobrarian

Final Project: 

Occupation: Humanities Librarian at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in the library's Center for Digital Scholarship

Read more about Caitlin here. 

Graduation Term: Spring 2014

Twitter: @yamathan

Final Project: 

Occupation: QA Engineer at Unit 4 Education Solutions

Graduation Term: Spring 2015


Graduation Term: Spring 2017

Twitter: @JulieWroblewski

Final Project: “Chicago Writers’ Block: Mapping Chicago’s Literary Culture in the Digital Realm”

Occupation: Archivist, Archives & Manuscripts, Chicago History Museum