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Our students enter into the MA in DH program from a variety of academic backgrounds, including literary studies, history, library and information science, and computer science. Their goals are both academic and professional. What they have in common is an interest in how the digital creates opportunities to shape and create structures of knowledge and information systems, and an investment in interdisciplinary scholarship. They gain a theoretical understanding of how technology shapes our lived experiences, combined with practical experiences of making and building. Our students move into careers in both the private and academic sector, including education, libraries, archives, museums, and PhD programs.

Master's in Digital Humanities, Second Year

Email  echristie@luc.edu

Twitter @enc213

Research Interests digital pedagogy, rhetoric of protest in digital spaces, techno-sociology, linguistics, digital ethics

CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects CTSDH digital fellow, Sesquicentennial Scholar, Gerard Manley Hopkins site


Individual Course of Study 

Fall 2018: DIGH 400 (Intro to DH Research), DIGH 401 (Intro to Computing), Elective 1 (HST 480 Public History)

Spring 2019: DIGH 402 (DH Design and Programming), DIGH 405 (Human-Computer Interaction), Elective 2 (ELPS 555 Data Algorithms and Educational Policy)

Fall 2019: DIGH 500 (DH Practicum), ENGL 413 (Textual Criticism), Elective 3 (COMM 280 Media Technology and Society)

Spring 2020: TBD


Professional Activity teacher, high school English and journalism (2004-2018); adjunct instructor, writing and rhetoric (2006-2017); lecturer, English as a second language (2016-2017) 

Taskstream Portfolio

photo of Caroline McCraw

Master's in Digital Humanities, Second Year



Research Interests: Digital + Textuality, Poetics, Archives, Editions, Publishing, Labor

CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects: CTSDH Graduate Fellow, Lili Elbe Digital Archive (lilielbe.org) Technical Editor & Engaged Learners Guest Instructor, Amy Lowell Letters Project, Loyola Graduate Workers' Union Data Manager

Individual Course of Study: 

Fall 2018: DIGH 400 ("Intro to DH Research"), DIGH 401 ("Intro to Computing"), ENGL 490 ("Humans and Posthumanism in Contemporary American Literature")

Spring 2019: DIGH 402 ("DH Design and Programming"), DIGH 405 ("Human-Computer Interaction"), ENGL 412 ("History of the Book to 1800") 

Fall 2019: DIGH 500 ("DH Practicum"), ENGL 413 ("Textual Criticism")

Spring 2020: TBD

Professional Activity: Archive Manager - Green Lantern Press (2019-present) :: DHRI South Bend Teaching Fellow (2019) :: Managing Editor, Collected Literary Magazine (2016-2017) :: Library Assistant (Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, Joan Flash Artists' Book Collection, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library) :: Teaching Assistant @ the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Concrete Poetry, Persona Poetry, Intermediate Screenwriting) :: ESL Instructor (2012-2015) :: Content Curation Consultant, Lengio Corporation (2014-2015)

Taskstream: https://w.taskstream.com/ts/mccraw7/cmccraw

Email address: zstella@luc.edu
Research Interests: Digital rhetoric, technical communication, media and representation, pedagogy, textual scholarship, digital ethics 
CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects: CTSDH Fellow, Maryland Loyalism Project
Individual Course of Study: 

Fall 2018: DIGH 400 (Intro to DH Research), DIGH 401 (Intro to Computing), HIST 483 (Oral History: Method and Practice)

Spring 2019: DIGH 402 (DH Design and Programming), DIGH 405 (Human-Computer Interaction), ENGL (Studies in American Culture)

Fall 2019: DIGH 500 (DH Practicum), ENGL 413 (Textual Criticism)

Spring 2020: TBD

Professional Activity: Sesquicentennial Scholar, Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections (2018-2019); Graduate Research Assistant, Loyola Information Commons (2018-2019); Technical Writer, Illinois State University College of Arts and Sciences I.T. Department. 



Research Interests: Digital Curation, Material Culture


CTSDH Involvement/Current ProjectsEast Asian Textiles

Individual Course of Study

1st year: DIGH 400 Intro to DH Research, DIGH 401 Intro to Computing, ANTH 318 Art and Expressive Culture, DIGH 402 DH Design and Programming, DIGH 405 Special Topics in DH, HIST 499 Directed Study (with Dr. Catherine A. Nichols in May Weber Ethnographic Studies Collection)

2nd year: DIGH 500 DH Practicum, ENGL 413 Textual Criticism

Digital Humanities graduate student, first year

Email akroon@luc.edu
Research Interests Fairy/folk tales, digital editions, adaptation; Digital Editions of Valentine and Orson 
Individual Course of Study 
Fall 2019
COMP 170 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
ENGL 413 Textual Criticism
DIGH 400 Introduction to Digital Humanities


Research Interests: Digital Editions, Medieval Literature


Current ProjectsThe Poetry of Meir of Norwich

Individual Course of Study

1st year: DIGH 400 Intro to DH Research, DIGH 401 Intro to Computing, ENGL 413 Textual Criticism; DIGH 402 Digital Humanities Design, COMP 424 Client Side Web Development, ENGL 440 Topics in Medieval Literature: Disability and Marginality in Medieval England and France

Email: prakruti.maniar94@gmail.com
Twitter and personal website @pramankapranam and website, www.purplepencilproject.com
Research Interests: Archiving and increasing the discussion around Indian literature, storytelling and more 
CTSDH Involvement/Current Projects: First year MA in Digital Humanities, Research Assistant at CTSDH. 
Individual Course of Study
Fall 2019
Intro to DH Research DIGH 400 
Introduction to Computing COMP 150/DIGH 401 
Textual Criticism ENGL 413
Professional Activity I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MA in English Literature, and have worked as a writer, a journalist (with Hindustan Times) and a content curator in India, between 2015 and 2018. My academic and professional experience has helped me strengthen my ideas on research, community building, looking out for stories that need telling and more. In 2019, I co-founded Purple Pencil Project, which remains an important platform which I intend to use during and after my MA to bring digital humanties to literary discourse in India. 

Email address: chong2@luc.edu

Research interests: history of migrations, urban history, Japanese woodblock prints

CTSDH involvement: Sesquicentennial Scholar at Women and Leadership archives 

Individual Course of Study: DIGH 400 Intro to DH Research; DIGH 401 Introduction to Computing; ENG 413 Textual Criticism 

Professional Activity: (2017~2019) worked for 2 years translating and interpreting from Japanese to English and vice versa; (2016) interned at Asian Civilisations museum (Singapore, Singapore) and worked on the exhibit “Nyonya Needlework” 

Linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/regina-hong-7b9540120/