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Poster Printing

Please consider the environment before printing. To learn more about reducing our printing footprint, visit our Sustainable Printing page.

Digital Media Services offers poster printing capabilities to departments and individuals on-campus for research presentations, student projects and other academic purposes. We currently utilize HP DesignJet 42-inch plotter printers. These wide-format printers use HP Heavy Coated Paper rolls (42 inch wide by 150 inch high) and handle print jobs of 2400 x 1200 dpi in full color using 6 ink cartridges. Posters will be printed with one dimension at 42 inches as is the size of the width of the paper, larger format paper cutters are provided in our digital media labs for those who wish to crop white space further. 

As these poster printers can output different sized posters, this requires a review and processing step done by digital media advisors who monitor our submission queues and process print jobs that are submitted through our Online Poster Submission Form. With our improved online process and two locations of pick-up, we will process properly formatted files for poster printing within 3 days. Although often jobs may be printed and finished within this window, due to the nature of traffic in our locations and any hardware related issues, we cannot guarantee that jobs can get processed sooner, but we are continually working to improve this process to the benefit of the Loyola community.

Poster Printing Costs and Payments

Cost $0.01 per square inch

Listed below are some common poster sizes and their costs. You can click on a template to download a blank PowerPoint File of the listed size to create your poster on.

LengthWidthCostPPT Template
24 18 $4.32 24 x 18 Template
28 22 $6.16 28 x 22 Template
36 24 $8.64 36 x 24 Template
30 42 $12.60 30 x 42 Template
36 42 $15.12 36 x 42 Template
42 42 $17.64 42 x 42 Template
56 42 $23.52 56 x 42 Template

As the poster printer uses a 42 inch roll of paper, one dimension will be 42 inches regardless if printed to the edge or not as there are no automated cropping tools integrated in the poster printer. We do provide large scale paper cutters that can handle sheets up to 50 inches - if you wish to crop your poster further, the tools are available in the digital media labs.

Payment Methods

Posters can be paid by using Rambler Bucks on a Loyola ID card or by a Departmental Account Code transfer. Budget account codes must be approved by each department's budget administrator the AU (6 or 10 digit number) must be included in the Poster Processing Submission Form.

Unfortunately, Digital Media Services cannot accept cash or credit card payments for posters currently. Please visit the Adding Rambler Bucks page for instructions to load your Loyola ID card with funds.