Loyola University Chicago

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Division of Student Development

Director's Welcome

Welcome to Loyola and on behalf of SDMA I invite you to learn not only about promoting justice for underrepresented minority groups, but I also encourage you to learn about and explore yourself through a lens of power and privilege. The staff of SDMA and our community of scholars actively enact Jesuit values in very complex yet accessible ways. We firmly believe that identity development and respect for human dignity are central and foundational to any effort made to minimize and ultimately eradicate social injustices. 

The multicultural affairs world includes a myriad of models and strategies to support the success of marginalized students. At Loyola, our work is informed and guided by several theoretical frameworks that include validation, multidimensional identities, and critical mentoring. Most importantly, we understand the importance of community and ascribe to an asset-based approach to working with students. While many of our programs are aimed at students of color and first-generation students, the concept of diversity is also inclusive of sexual orientation, (dis)ability, military veteran status, gender, immigration status, religion or faith tradition, and socioeconomic status.

Whether you hold marginalized identities or belong to social groups with privilege, you are encouraged to participate in SDMA programming during your time at Loyola. Become a mentee, a student leader, an aspiring ally, and disrupt cultural norms that prevent people from living their full potential!

Together we can learn, raise critical consciousness, and empower ourselves and those around us to lead extraordinary lives.


Joe Saucedo, M.Ed
(pronouns: he/him/his)
Director, Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
Student Life & Engagement
Loyola University Chicago