Loyola University Chicago

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

Division of Student Development

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

In addition to carrying out our Mission & Vision, through our Core Practices, the ‌Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s co-curricular programs and initiatives intend to compliment the academic rigor provided by Loyola University Chicago. Students engaged in CDI programs and initiatives will develop a skill-set aimed at fostering social justice awareness, cultural competency, and ally development.

The following are learning outcomes CDI programs and initiatives intend to emphasize:

  1. Students will learn about perspective(s) different from one's own as it relates to privilege and oppression.
  2. Students articulate how privileged and oppressed social identities intersect to influence an individual's experiences. 
  3. Students will identify one or more strategies to intervene and disrupt systems of oppression on an individual or systemic level. 
  4. Students will differentiate between a deficit-oriented and a strengths-based approach to empower students.