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Statement of Solidarity

SDMA Solidarity

#SDMA Solidarity, SDMA's Call to Action: commit to learning, deepen acts of justice, keep the faith

In support of President Rooney’s message of support, “From Grief to Action,” SDMA offers a statement of solidarity and recognize that this is a living document subject to changes and updates through out the year with the support of registered student orgs, campus partners, and concerned members of the community. We are outraged and continue to denounce, disrupt, and challenge systemic violence and oppression inflicted upon Black and Brown bodies within the United States and beyond. During these challenging and tumultuous times, it becomes even more important that we firmly hold to our Jesuit mission and values which call us to be in the service of humanity through learning, justice and faith.

  • We honor that members of the Black/African American/African diaspora are constantly living under threat, moving through life with post-traumatic stress, and continually experiencing emotional exhaustion while achieving academic success. We also understand that Blackness is not a monolith and is highly intersectional which means that queer and transgender Black folx matter. You are allowed to feel how you feel, heal how you heal, and believe what you believe. We see you and are with you!
  • We honor that our undocumented students, DACA recipients, and students in mix-residency households are experiencing high-levels of stress during these times of uncertainty. Many students await the SCOTUS decision that may further institutionalize barriers for the pursuance of education. Our students serve as the translator and advocate for family members, face the threat of ICE detainment, all while achieving academic success. We see you and are with you!
  • We honor that members of the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American (APIDA) community are also under duress. Many students continue to experience xenophobia, acts of violence and bigotry as a result of COVID-19. Though members of the APIDA community have always experienced racism and oppression, we understand that there has been an influx of racist attitudes and behaviors that negatively effect the well-being of our APIDA community while achieving academic success. We see you and are with you!

By deepening our acts of solidarity, we can build a more just and humane world! Starting right here at Loyola, solidarity can take many forms and only requires Ramblers to shift from their comfort zone into their learning zone. For members of targeted communities, SDMA will strive to create affinity spaces where your voices can be heard and you can determine best ways to practice communal care. For allies, accomplices, and concerned Ramblers, you can engage in workshops and trainings that provide racial justice tools and reflective exercises to deepen your solidarity work. Additionally you do the following to enact solidarity:

  • Support registered student organizations that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Use social media to support movements you continue to learn about
  • Challenge racist ideologies and be willing to engage in difficult dialogue
  • Disrupt and address anti-blackness
  • Embrace anti-racist frameworks that enhance your leadership abilities
  • If you are able to donate funds to non-profit organizations that focus of social justice issues
  • When participating in protests and demonstrations serve as a protector for Black and Brown bodies 
  • Step up so Black/African American students and communities of color can rest and step back if you need to care for self
  • Practice self-preservation so you’re ready for the next movement

Social justice work is labor intensive (internally and externally) and injustice is always designed to hit us in waves. As such, we can easily succumb to exhaustion and burn out. You are not alone in that feeling and we will continue to help lift each other up while breaking down walls of oppression. In the meantime, identify your social justice passions, set intentions, take action, and learn as you go! SDMA charges the rambler community to commit to learning about yourself and others, deepen acts of justice, and to keep the faith in a way that fosters critical hope and action.

You can expect SDMA to provide more intentional, collaborative programming and social media campaigns that foster affinity, address anti-blackness, embrace anti-racist frameworks, provide allyship development, and more racial justice tools.

In Solidarity,

Paige Gardner, PhD

Interim Director of SDMA

A photo of scholar-activist Grace Lee Bogg's and her quote which states: "You can not change any society, unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it, and responsible for changing it.