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Diversity Awards Celebration

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‌The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is honored and excited to organize the Diversity Awards Recognition Ceremony. This ceremony is designed to highlight and showcase key Loyola University Chicago students, alumni, faculty, and staff members who have contributed to the success of our diverse student population academically, spiritually, culturally and professionally. It also highlights outstanding individuals who have committed themselves to embrace diversity and social justice at Loyola. 

2021 Recipients

  • Emerging Leader Award: Fatima Shariff

  • Social Justice in Action Award: Gabby Tewodros

  • Father Arrupe Award: Itzel Velazquez

  • Transformative Educator Award: Darren Pierre

  • Lifelong Commitment to Justice – Ashley Williams

2020 Recipients

  • Emerging Leader Award - Jaia Goan

  • Father Arrupe Award - Han Na Lee

  • Community and Solidarity Award - PRISM

  • Motivational Member Award - Howard Williams

  • Lifelong Commitment to Social Justice Award - Taylor Hoffman

  • Social Justice in Action Award - Deena Kishawi

  • Transformative Education Award - Dr. Devon Byrne

2019 Recipients

  • Emerging Leader Award - Taylor Thomas

  • Father Arrupe Award - Tristen Hall

  • Community and Solidarity Award - LUC Operation Smile

  • Motivational Member Award - Cindy Dang

  • Lifelong Commitment to Social Justice Award - James C. Thomas

  • Social Justice in Action Award - Roxann Reyes

  • Transformative Education Award - Dr. Andrew Donnelly

  • Set the World on Fire Award - Emily Nordquist

2018 Recipients

  • Emerging Leader Award - Paula Camaya

  • Father Arrupe Award - Maddie Creutz

  • Community and Solidarity Award - Higher Education Student Association

  • Motivational Member Award - Christopher Le

  • Lifelong Commitment to Social Justice Award - Maria Cangco

  • Social Justice in Action Award - Shanzeh Daudi and Rylee Venn

  • Transformative Education Award - Dr. George Villanueva

  • Set the World on Fire Award - Monica Ramirez