Loyola University Chicago

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Division of Student Development

History, Mission and Values


In the fall of 2011, SDMA was charged with developing a program to address the issue of low retention of Men of Color (MoC) at Loyola University Chicago. During that semester, SDMA investigated best practices and programs at other universities and within available literature. This research led to the drafting of an outline for the Men of Color Initiative (MOCI) as a 2-4 year experience that began spring 2012. The MOCI was rebranded as the Brothers for Excellence (B4E) mentorship program that focused on the first year experience, inclusive of transfer students in 2014. Over the years, B4E has evolved to the staff/faculty and peer mentor powered program focused on the matriculation, identity development, and community building of first-year Mxn* of Color through support, success, and empowerment.


*The Brothers for Excellence mentoring program and community uses the term Mxn of Color to be inclusive of all those that identify along the vast spectrum of manhood. (i.e., cisgender & transgender men, gender non-conforming individuals, masculine/feminine of leaning/centered individual)


Program Mission

The mission of Brothers for Excellence is to provide support and encouragement to Mxn of Color through facilitated mentoring relationships with faculty and staff of color. The objective is to help students achieve success in all areas of their life and satisfaction as members of the Loyola University Chicago community. In connection with our Jesuit tradition, the program seeks to provide care for the entire person “cura personalis” as we guide, support, and challenge our Mxn of Color as they engage with the different academic and social aspects they will encounter at Loyola University Chicago.


B4E Principles

Through the following principles, we hope all B4E participants have the opportunity to:

  • Discover: Explore academic and personal resources, as well as student organizations, that will provide avenues for success, awareness, and comfort within their surroundings at the University.

    • Develop self-awareness about intersecting identities and discover passions and interests that relate to social and academic goals.

  • Connect: Identify opportunities to engage with others on campus to create meaningful relationships with students, student groups, mentors, staff, and faculty members to thrive within a supportive community.

  • Transform: The Mxn of Color will expand and develop knowledge and understanding of diverse and global views, to encourage critical analysis and reflection of the environments and issues that surround them.