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Note: If you are not involved in the LUCES Mentorship Program (LMP), you are still welcome to join the LUCES community!


LUCES has the following components:


LUCES Scholar

The primary role of a LUCES Scholar is to assist Womxn of Color in successfully navigating and transitioning into the academic, extracurricular, social, and cultural dimensions of campus life at Loyola. Scholars function in a variety of roles, including program/event planner, team member, role model, ambassador, bridge-builder, and informal peer mentor. Some overarching realms of responsibilities include programming, mentorship, administrative assistance, leadership, meetings, trainings, and professional development. The ‘21-’22 application cycle for the LUCES Scholar position has closed. The application cycle is typically March 1st – April 1st.


LUCES Mentorship Program (LMP)

LUCES mentees are matched with a peer mentor (LUCES Scholar) as well as a current Loyola faculty or professional staff member. Through one-on-ones, group meetings, and communication, mentors are knowledgeable guides, thoughtful facilitators who provides access to people and resources, and ultimately role models and success advocates. In addition, peer mentors play a critical role in supporting the program planning, development, and execution of numerous B4E community engagements and events throughout the academic year. Six peer mentors are hired for each academic year. Transfer students are encouraged to apply.


Optional for First-Year Mentees: For first-year WOC who are choosing to live on Loyola's campus there is an opportunity to select the Multicultural Learning Community (MCLC) as a part of your housing application. The MCLC serves as a residential community for mentees connected to SDMA and for those interested in engaging fellow peers in topics of social justice, social change, and identities.


Faculty and/or Staff LMP Mentors

LMP staff/faculty mentors are a crucial part of the mentorship experience. Typically, they are responsible for creating a space of support and engagement amongst their group of mentees. Traditionally paired with first-year and/or transfer students, LMP Faculty/Staff Mentors function as a trusted source of academic, professional, and social guides for students to be successful in navigating the new terrain that is Loyola University Chicago (LUC). LUCES invites any interested womxn*/person of color LUC faculty and staff to contact Whitney Kwamin (wkwamin@luc.edu) for more information on how to take on this role in our program.


LUCES Monthly Gatherings

These events are open to LUCES mentees, community members, mentors, and anyone who identifies as a womxn/person of color within LUC. Events typically focus on topics surrounding self-reflection, community building, and identity exploration.


LUCES Takes Action (LTA), Womxn of Color Annual Retreat, Kaleidoscope Journal, End of the Year Gala

LUCES Scholars lead these initiatives, with the support of LUCES community members. Participants can expect to play a supportive role in marketing efforts, program design and implementation, community and outreach.

  • LUCES Takes Action is responsible for planning casual, informal gatherings, dialogues, and community service to best serve all members of our community.

  • Womxn of Color Annual Retreat provides a weekend experience for Loyola's Womxn of Color to take time for critical self-reflection and exploration of identity. Participants are able to re-energize themselves through validation and nurturing of their identities, connection with mentors within their community, and engagement with leadership opportunities.

  • Kaleidoscope Journal is the annual publication of a literature and arts journal for Womxn of Color made by Womxn of Color. It provides a space for intentional sharing of experiences outside of the classroom and traditional community building avenues. While Kaleidoscope is open to many a variety of creative mediums, typical submissions are articles, essays, poetry, art, and photography.

  • LUCES Gala is a formal end of the year celebration in recognition of all our community members, graduating seniors, outgoing and incoming Scholars, faculty/staff mentors, and the people who create the LUCES space of Womxn of Color at Loyola University Chicago.