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Since 2017, the Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (SDMA) hosts the annual Social Justice Symposium each spring at Loyola University Chicago. The creation of the symposium originates from the legacy of SDMA’s Women of Color Leadership Summit and Q-Summit in past years. In an effort to engage a wider audience on the intersections of social identities, social injustices, and the disruption of systemic oppressions, this event has been created on a large-scale to shed light on how intricately systems of power, privilege and oppression are interconnected.

The Social Justice Symposium is a one-day conference that engages the campus and greater Chicago community in meaningful conversations, learning, reflection and fosters critical connections in various social justice topics in addressing the manifestation and ongoing violence of systems of power, privilege and oppression to work towards a more just and humane world for all.

To address the current state and future of our communities, the Social Justice Symposium offers a range of workshops, speakers and dialogues to engage in a variety of issues and topics. We invite faculty, staff, students and community members to exchange knowledge by submitting a proposal to be a part of the symposium experience.

Social Justice Symposium is a one-day conference on social justice topics meant to facilitate learning, personal development, and community building. This will be achieved through workshops, speakers, activities, and interactions that brings together Loyola University Chicago undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, staff and all community members across the Chicago area.

We invite the Loyola University Chicago community and the general public to participate. There is no cost to attend.


Save the Date!

Saturday, March 26, 2022 | 9-5pm

Loyola University Chicago | Lakeshore Campus

More event details to come. For questions and/ or concerns, please email Eva Long at elong1@luc.edu.


History of Social Justice Symposium

2020 - Little Big Things: The Joy of Advocacy (Keynote: Tanya Cabrera)

2019 - Wellness to Go: Reenergizing Social Justice Work (Keyonte: Dr. Sara Furr)

2018 - Up-rooting Hegemony: Disrupting Dominant Culture (Keynote: Z Nicolazzo)

2017 - Together We Rise (Keynote: Chad Baker)