Loyola University Chicago

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Division of Student Development

Overnight Experience

Is your school or non-profit interested in partnering with Loyola University Chicago to support your student's college search and access experience?

The Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affair's Overnight Experience is typically for junior high school students to immerse in a college experience by participating in an Overnight Program that normally occurs every Spring in March. Next year the program will be held on Saturday-Sunday, March 23-24, 2019. Student participants will engage in the following signature workshops: College Application Process, Preparing Personal Statements, Financial Literacy, Faculty Engagement, Understanding the Role of Diversity & Multicultural Departments on Student Success, Social Justice, and Campus Involvement.

Schools and non-profit programs that have visited SDMA's Overnight Experience:

  • Amundsen High School
  • Chicago Academy
  • Chicago Vocational Academy
  • Collins Academy
  • Farragut High School
  • Fenger High School
  • Lindblom Math and Science Academy
  • Manley High School
  • Schurz High School
  • Senn High School
  • Tilden High School
  • Uplift Community High School
  • Black Men's Project
  • Centro Romero

For more information please contact Hannah Goheen at 773.508.3335