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LGBTQI: Literature

Wilson, Glenn, and Qazi Rahman. Born Gay. Publisher: Peter Owen Publishers (September 15, 2005)
Excerpt: "Are people born gay, or does upbringing or even conscious personal choice play a part? The ongoing row between gay-rights activists and the conservative lobby over this burning question has now raged for many years. But the science that both groups employ in their arguments is not merely outmoded but often fallacious.”
Herek, Gregory M (editor) and Kevin T. Berrill. Hate Crimes: Confronting Violence against Lesbians and Gay Men. Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc. (November 11, 1991)
Excerpt: "Whether based on sexual orientation, race, religion, or ethnicity, bigotry and the violence it inspires pose a grave threat to the peace and harmony of our communities. The need to alert Americans to this threat is great.”
Herek, Gregory M. Stigma and Sexual Orientation: Understanding Prejudice Against Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals. Publishers: Sage Publications, Inc. (December 24, 1997)
Excerpt: "Whether engendered by homophobia, heterosexism, or general prejudice, violence and discrimination continue to hound the gay community as attacks persist in the courtroom, on the streets, and in the voting booth… Stigma and Sexual Orientation makes a significant contribution toward the deeper understanding of homophobia, in addition to providing much-needed insight into the issues of prejudice in general.”