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Welcome to the SDMA Workshop page! Below you will find descriptions of the workshops SDMA offers. Please note that all of these trainings will be facilitated by either one of our full time staff, one of our office graduate interns, and/or one of our undergraduate student leaders. Furthermore, SDMA is not responsible for reserving the rooms for any training. Feel free to contact SDMA with any questions. 


Social Justice 101

This training will focus on basic terminology such as: privilege, oppression, social justice, diversity, multiculturalism, etc. Terms will be reviewed and discussed to help participants develop tools for navigating issues of social justice. It will function as an introduction to social justice conversations.

Community Cultural Wealth

This training will focus on Yosso’s community cultural wealth model and discussions surrounding applying anti-deficit frameworks to social identities. It will focus on how Community Cultural Wealth disrupts the way marginalized students have been historically referred to. 

Anti-Racist Frameworks

This training will focus on discussing the effects of systemic racism in the United States. It will also discuss how to stand against the hierarchical model and how to contribute to a more equitable society. Finally it will pose anti-racist models as action based when compared to non-racist models. 

Engaging in Dialogue: Navigating Difficult Conversations

This training will focus on giving people the tools to navigate difficult conversations when they have to occur. Participants will be able to differentiate between discussion, dialogue, and debate as well as apply this to every day conversation.

Disrupting Hierarchies in Student Organizations: Inclusive Leadership

This training will explore leadership from a multidimensional aspect, looking at diversity and hierarchies, among other themes. It will also provide strategies to diversify leadership and dismantle harmful hierarchies. Tenants of inclusive leadership and authentic relationships will also be incorporated.

Interrupting/Disrupting Microaggressions

This training will focus on naming daily microaggressions that occur in the classroom, workplace, and every day conversation. It will focus on empowering individuals not only to deter others from using microaggression, but notice when they themselves participate in a microaggression.

Isms rooted in Patriarchal Society (Racism, Sexism, Ableism, etc.)

This training will focus on looking at systematic “-isms” and how they’ve been shaped by historic oppression. It will also focus on how those isms are reflected in everyday situations through discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping.


This training will focus on discussing ways in which different privileged identities can become allies to oppressed identities through participation in either “big A” activism or “little a” activism. It will focus on naming historically marginalized identities and identity intersectionality through spheres of influence.