Loyola University Chicago

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Division of Student Development

DREAMer Committee

The mission of the Dreamer Committee is to develop equitable policies and practices to promote educational opportunities and improve the lives of undocumented students at Loyola University Chicago. This will be achieved through multidisciplinary collaboration, and the promotion of research, education, advocacy and service that is informed by the lives and experiences of undocumented students seeking higher education.

The DREAMer Committee is a university-wide committee that reviews Loyola’s progress in meeting the needs of undocumented students and students who are part of mixed- status families.* This committee includes members from the various colleges of Loyola University Chicago to discuss areas where the schools could further assist this community of students. The committee also includes student representatives who implement their student experience and discuss where they see the school should intervene to support undocumented students.

The following list includes the members of the DREAMer Committee and the various schools and departments they encompass.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit the Loyola Bioethics blog page and The DREAMer Committee Facebook page

*A “mixed-status” family includes members who are of different citizenship or immigration statuses. This may include a family where one or both parents are undocumented and the children are U.S.-born citizens. 

The members of the Dreamer Committee welcome serving as allies and sources of information regarding university policies and opportunities for undocumented students.  Students and applicants to Loyola University Chicago should feel free to contact any one of them via e-mail.

Bruce Boyer, JD bboyer@luc.edu Co-Chair
Mark Kuczewski, PhD mkuczew@luc.edu Co-Chair
Philip Hale phale@luc.edu  Vice President for Government Affairs 
Michael Canaris, PhD mcanarais@luc.edu Assistant Professor, Institute of Pastoral Studies 
Aurora Chang, PhD achang2@luc.edu Associate Professor, School of Education
Kelsey Gerber, MEd kgerber1@luc.edu Associate Director of Financial Aid
Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, PhD rgombergmunoz@luc.edu Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Will Rodriguez, PhD wrodriguez1@luc.edu Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students
Joyce Knight, MDiv jknight@luc.edu  Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
Judith Jennrich, PhD, RN, APN jjennri@luc.edu Associate Professor, Director of the Acute Care Programs
Virginia McCarthy, MDiv vmccarthy@luc.edu Stritch School of Medicine Ministry
Thomas Regan, SJ, PhD tregan1@luc.edu Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor
Peter Sanchez, PhD psanche@luc.edu Professor of Political Science, Graduate Program Director
Paige Gardner, PhD pgardner@luc.edu Assistant Dean of Students and Interim Director, Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
Maria Vidal de Haymes, PhD mvidal@luc.edu Institute of Migration and Global Studies
Katherine Walts, JD kkaufkawalts@luc.edu Director of the Center for Human Rights of Children