Loyola University Chicago

Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

International Student Diversity and Study Abroad

From fall 2009-spring 2015, the number of international students studying at Loyola University Chicago has more than doubled to nearly 1,000 students.  These students come from all over the world, and in the largest numbers from China, Saudi Arabia, India, and South Korea. 

The number of undergraduate students participating in study abroad experiences during the 2014-2015 academic year decreased by 4.8% from the prior year.  However, the percentage of participating students who identified as an ethnic minority increased 1.9%.  Additionally, 64 students (9.4%) who participated in study abroad during the 2014-2015 academic year identified as first-generation college students.

Please see Highlights form the 2014-2015 Overview of Undergraduate Study Abroad and International Students as well as the Final ISS Stats Report for Academic Year 2014-2015 and the Final Study Abroad Stats Report for Academic Year 2014-2015 for additional information.