Loyola Diversity Committees

Throughout Loyola, a number of departments have created committees committed to creating and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion for all faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the committees and their work below.





Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

Lake Shore Campus


DREAMer Committee

Lake Shore Campus

Bruce Boyer

Faculty Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (FACDI)

Health Sciences Division

Dr. Freager Williams

Faculty Opportunities and Recognition for Women’s Advancement, Resilience and Development

Health Sciences Division

Dr. Freager Williams

Gannon Center for Women & Leadership

Lake Shore Campus

Gabrielle Buckley

Graduate School Diversity Committee

Lake Shore Campus

Graduate School

Health Sciences Division - SSOM Diversity Office

Health Sciences Campus

Office of Diversity, Incluson and Equity

LUC Department of Veteran's Affairs

Lake Shore Campus

Military Veteran Student Services

School of Business Minority Outreach & Recruitment Programs

Water Tower Campus

Pamela McCoy

School of Communication

Water Tower Campus

Jessica Brown

School of Education

Water Tower Campus

Markeda Newell

School of Law Diversity Community Outreach Programs

Water Tower Campus

School of Law

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Diversity Committee

Lakeside Campus


Student Government Diversity Committee

Lake Shore Campus

Student Government

University Libraries

Lake Shore Campus

James Conley