Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion's vision, mission, expectations, and responsibilities

The Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion seeks to foster an inclusive learning and work environment that calls upon the unique perspectives, strengths, and critical inquiries of Loyola community members; fostering a transformative educational and professional experience that honors diversity, equity, inclusion, and the social justice mission of Loyola University Chicago.


The Executive Council’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is grounded in the legacy of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Jesuit tradition of finding God in all things, and the Ignatian heritage grounded in a profound commitment to issues of social responsibility and justice.

We believe that our community is best served when students, faculty, staff, and leadership reflect and celebrate the diversity of society at large, and when the presence and impact of intersectionality among varying identities is recognized. It is this foundation of inclusion, curiosity, dignity and care for self, others, and community, that drives the Executive Council’s strategy, initiatives, and University-wide engagement efforts.

The Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion recognizes a common unity that anchors and enlivens our commitment to inclusion and creates brave spaces for dialogue to happen, through initiatives that educate the masses. We will hold ourselves accountable to this intentional vision through fostering an integrated society. We will do so with the wisdom that each member of our student, faculty, and staff community brings their own unique perspectives, strengths, and critical inquiries to serve our mission. With this vision in mind, we proudly recognize a broad definition of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, military/veteran status, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socio-economic background, and residency status.

Executive Council members are appointed to represent the collective experiences, thoughts, and perspectives of Loyola’s students, staff, faculty, and leadership team; serving as thought leaders, facilitators, consultants, champions, and ambassadors that personify diversity, lead the pursuit of equity, and nurture inclusion in all they do.

Member Expectations

  • Embody a genuine commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, valuing differences, and respecting others;
  • Recognize and value a broad definition of diversity as well as the presence and impact of intersectionality on one’s life experiences and perspectives; and
  • Serve as leaders among peers and display broad thinking capacity on a wide range of social, political, religious, economic, and business issues.

Member Responsibilities

  • Represent key constituent groups across the Loyola community;
  • Provide strategic input and high-level oversight of diversity and inclusion efforts for the University. Activities may include, but are not limited to providing review and feedback, reporting or analyzing data or information, and assisting with efforts to engage the LUC community in DEI initiatives;
  • Uphold awareness of diversity-related best practices in the area of compliance (discrimination, sexual misconduct etc.); helping to ensure University-wide consistency and alignment;
  • Attend monthly Council meetings ranging from 1-2 hours; and
  • Serve on at least one Council sub-committee.


Agenda and minutes from the Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion meetings.